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Here are some links to other sites that lack of knowledge band members are also currently working on, and record labels

Buzzcocks     (LOK's Phil Barker and Tony Barber now play with the Buzzcocks)

Stratford Mercenaries     (LOK's Phil Barker played in this band with Steve Ignorant of Crass fame) 

Grand Theft Audio     (Buy the NEW LOK Americanized album from here plus many other old punk faves)

Southern Studios (CRASS)     (LOK's second single "GREY" was on this record label)

Airport      (LOK's Tony Barber solo project)

Pyramid51 (Bernie Drummond's Artwork)     (Early LOK member Bernie Drummond's artwork page)

The Scapegoats     (Santa Cruz's long-lost original hardcore band) 


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