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Lack of Knowledge Releases

Lack of Knowledge - AMERICANIZED (CD Album) Released by  Grand Theft Audio  (click on the link to buy)

Lack of Knowledge - SENTINEL (12 inch Single) (Released by Chainsaw Records on 7th July 1985) SOLD OUT

Lack of Knowledge - SIRENS ARE BACK (VINYL LP)  (Released by Corpus Christi Records on 14 April 1985) SOLD OUT*

Lack of Knowledge - Grey EP (7 inch EP) (Released by Crass Records on 7th July 1984) SOLD OUT

Lack of Knowledge - UNINVITED (7 inch Single) (Released by the State on 6th May 1982) SOLD OUT

* - Still available on Crass A sides album please visit by clicking on the coloured text. Grey EP


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